EU Countries Condemned for their Role in ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ by EU Parliament Committee
November 29, 2006, 12:15 pm
Filed under: Covert, Strategic, Surveillance

Sarah Ludford, a Liberal Democrat MEP and vice-chair of the EU Temporary Committee on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transport and illegal detention of prisoners has passed damning comment on the UK’s role in the affair. Commenting on the committee’s preliminary report, she remarked,

“If the EU’s aspirations to be a ‘human rights community’ have any meaning whatsoever, there must now be a forceful EU response to this strong evidence that the CIA abducted, illegally imprisoned and transported alleged terrorists in Europe while European governments, including the UK, turned a blind eye or actively colluded with the United States.” [Source: Guardian]

The committee’s report said that, “EU governments, including the British, knew about the practice known as extraordinary rendition … but made a concerted attempt to obstruct investigations into it” [Guardian].


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