Cheap Labour of the Future
November 28, 2006, 10:09 pm
Filed under: Economic, Metaverse

Two stories collided in my aggregator today. Who ever thought that the future would pay so badly that you couldn’t get a mortgage on a job straight out of 20th century Sci-Fi?

Astronaut pay too low to recruit. A New Scientist Blog article describes the difficulties the Russian Space Programme are having recruiting astronauts because of low pay. According to the post cosmonauts now earn $767 per month. Attempts have been made to recruit from student populations but none of them pass the physical tests.

Virtual Architects at Developing World Prices. At New World Notes they describe a business outsourcing the architectural development of its Second Life headquarters to designers/builders in Vietnam earning $1000 per month (This one is blown out of proportion a little since $1000 is a very good wage in Vietnam and it was American graduates doing the work).


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